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We are a family-run hotel that is suitable for both young and old.

We have hotel rooms with breakfast buffet, cafe & restaurant, hotel bar with all privileges, cabin with sauna, lava flow, and scooter track right outside the hotel door.

The hotel has a fully equipped guest kitchen for use by guests during a longer stay.

The snowmobile trail goes all the way to the hotel wall and is connected to the central Norwegian / Swedish / Finnish trail network.

The alpes of Lyngskroa.jpg
  • 30 rooms (single room, double room, triple room or suite all w / bathroom)

  • Hotel cabin, fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, sauna and up to 8 beds

  • A total of 70 beds

  • Restaurant, bar, disco with all rights

  • 3 meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 130 people

  • Wine cellar with approx. 3,500 bottles and up to 35 seats

  • Two lavvos with up to 90 seats in total

  • Sauna with a capacity of 12 to 15 people in a hotel cabin

  • Free parking for up to 150 cars

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